Dear ❤Felicia’s Fans❤,

I am almost back! I know it has been a while since you have had an update, but let me catch you up now.

Back in February I went in for major surgery. Shortly thereafter I was re-admitted to the hospital because of a very serious surgical infection. That infection had ruptured through my belly button and main surgical site, and put my kidneys into decline and I was unable to leave the hospital for several weeks while they waited for them to turn around. During this time, my main store was closed as we did not know when I would be back.

After my kidneys began to show a steady improvement, I was sent home with an IV picc line and spent nearly two months on IV infusions of antibiotics at home to bring this infection under control. A little over a week ago, the infection showed enough improvement that the infectious disease doctor was able to remove the picc line from my arm and put me on a regimen of oral antibiotics which I am responding to very well. As a result, I am hoping on June 5th to get a clean bill of health or close to it to allow me to return to SL officially.

Many of you know that I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer back in 2008 and it has been a constant battle to keep it from returning since then. Despite everything I have had to endure the past several months, that battle has finally come to an end having had this surgery. I am so blessed to be alive and I am so blessed and thankful to each of you who have stood by my side cheering me on with your well wishes and support. Thank you so much for your loyalty to me and to ~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~. I will never forget your kindness.

Over the last week I have re-built my main store and I am slowly putting things back together and just in time for ~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~ 4th anniversary! We will be celebrating it in style so please watch your notices for your invitation.

The store has undergone a few changes, but should be relatively familiar to all of you. The discount sale area is still upstairs in the same location in the store as it was before. The rest of the store is as I mentioned above, in progress.

Although I am not back in world “officially” as of yet, I thought I would get things started with a little $60L love. (You can see all the sales items under our $60L Weekends Plus! Tab)

Much Love!!!


This is a portion of the letter that I received from Felicia’s RL Husband, and thought to pass it on to Felicia’s blog followers.  The original update on February 23rd was sent through the subscriber inworld.  This is being posted here to cover a wider and more diverse audience.  If you wish to get in touch with Felicia, you may do so by emailing feliciahelendale@sbcglobal.net (put Attention Eric in the subject field) rather than IMing inworld.  He is monitoring the emails and will forward them to her.  If you wish to speak to her directly, you can request her direct number through this address.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Felicia’s Fashions and Felicia herself throughout this difficult period.


Dear Friends and Other Fellow Designers,

This is Eric, Felicia’s RL husband. Many of you know that Felicia had surgery back in December and the initial test results were that it was “benign but growing”.  Further testing revealed she had atypical cells which were cancerous. Left with no further options, on February 23rd she was once again in surgery; this time they did a complete hysterectomy. We thought her recovery was going well until one day last week. My wife woke up screaming in pain. We took her to see her doctor who immediately sent us to the emergency room. She was later admitted; that was on the 7th.

As of today (March 12th) she is still in the hospital. They found she had developed a surgical infection which is located inside the surgical removal area and it is beneath a now very infected umblical hernia. This hernia “ruptured” slightly and the infection is now being pushed towards it as well as another area. It looks as though the infection is trying to take the road of least resistance, but it has been slow and painful for her. They have been treating her with several strong antibiotics and though she has made some improvement, and as previously mentioned she is in a lot of pain and they do not expect her out at the very least next weekend.

They did a CAT scan on her to find if it would be possible to drain it without having to put her back under surgery and general anethesia, but the CAT Scan doctor felt it would be too risky as part of her bowels are in the way of the infection. They have chosen to hammer this with some very strong antibiotics, with surgery being their very last recourse.

However, during the treatments with the antibiotics and the infection itself causing a rupture in her belly button, her kidneys have also shut down. So while the infection is still a primary concern, the major primary goal has become to get her kidneys to function again so she doesn’t end up needing dialysis. The kidney specialist feels that her kidneys have gone into protecting themselves from the infection or infections.  He would like to believe that this kidney issue will correct itself once they are able to get the rest under control. But he is ruling nothing out.

Thank you all again.
Felicia’s RL Husband

Thank you all for your continued support. Things are going to move just a little slower around here for the next few weeks while we get things sorted out before I head back in for surgery again. I will keep you all up to date. But for now, please enjoy our newest release!

Much Love,

If you were lucky enough to take part in the holiday hunts this past Christmas then you were already introduced to a holiday version of this gown. Now in 19 colors, many of your favorites, is Chrissy. A formal gown with flowing short sleeves, a sparkling sequined & sheer bodice that ends mid-waist with a satin and lace belt. This flowing gown is perfect for dancing the night away with someone special and elegant enough for all your bridesmaids. Come pick out your favorite colors today!

Chrissy comes in: Black, Blue, Cafe, Cherish, Cornflower, Emerald, Fuchsia, Hibiscus, Lemon, Lilac, Midnight, Peach, Pink, Plum, Purple, Red, Sage, Teal and White

Happy Halloween!! Okay a little early however it is never too early to take advantage of the holiday savings. From now until October 31st, all costumes will be on sale!  Be sure to check out all available sets with the possibility of more before Halloween!

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Short & sweet this week. The hunts have officially started. Please be sure to check out the hint board to your right as you land at the store or here on our blog! Also, this is the last weekend to save on the mini four packs. There are four sets total.

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Well it is that time of year again, when I start participating in a couple of hunts here and there. Please do not forget to stop in and take a look around at what we have to offer, check out this weekend’s sales items. There are some fantastic savings to be had AND while you are here, you can participate in the two hunts we are a part of. Both start October 1st and go through the 31st.

Please be sure to check out the hint board to your right as you land at the store or on our blog!

First is the Pumpkin Prints Hunt.

Second is the Harry Potter Hunt